Plumbing Supplies

When tackling plumbing jobs, having all the plumbing supplies on hand is a must. Let Jones Hardware and Lumber be there for you. We have all the pipes, valves, fittings, PVC pipes and parts needed to build and fix plumbing systems.

From basic projects to more complex jobs – fixing leaking faucets and running toilets to replacing water heaters or sump pumps – we can help. Our expert staff is on hand to answer questions, order specialty items and find what you are looking for.

While plumbing is often between the walls or under the floor, it can be the nemesis of homeowners. Count on Jones Hardware & Lumber on having the plumbing supplies you need. We’d love to hear from you so stop in, give us a call at 405-399-2424 or email us with your plumbing parts list.

Plumbing Supplies


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